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September News

Principal's Message

Welcome back to Noranda School!
I am very excited about this new school year. Working with the students, staff, and parents of Noranda School, we will focus on student success and all decisions made will be in the best interest of our students. It is going to be a great year as we all work together to become better at what we do.

I am pleased to introduce my staff:

  • Homeroom teachers: (enseignante titulaire)
  • Kindergarten & grade 1: Ms. Kathryn Austin
  • Grade 2 & 3: Mme Roxanne Martin
  • Grade 4 & 5 & 6 : Ms. Kathleen Brand
  • Secondary 1 & 2: Mrs. Sue Hamilton
  • Secondary 3: Mr. Gerry Hamilton
  • Secondary 4: Mrs. Amy Barker
  • Secondary 5: Ms. Melina Ridley
  • French as Second Language: Mme Dominique Fortin
  • Ethics and Religious Culture: Ms. Keli Martin
  • Lab. Tech and WOTP: Ms. Suzanne Trudel
  • Lunch supervisors: elem. Mme Nathalie Chevrier
  • Sec. Mme Sandra Crepeau
  • Daycare Educator: Ms. Christie Hamilton
  • Caretaker: Mr. Carl Conlon
  • School Secretary: Mme Sylvie Bedard
  • School Nurse: Mme Nathalie Hebert

Respectfully yours,
Mme Monia Cloutier
Noranda School

Upcoming Events

Sept. 8th –BBQ / Meet the Teacher night / Annual General Meeting

This year, we invite the parents to attend our Welcome Back BBQ on Sept. 8th. Starting at 5h30, hotdogs will be served. Followed by the AGM in the gymnasium; this assembly is your information session regarding Governing Board Elections and Parent Participation Organisation, code of conduct, and expectations in general. At last, all parents are invited to
meet the teachers and receive an overview of the programs and expectations. This hour is important and should not be missed.

  • 5:30 – Hot Dogs – social time – outside
  • 6:00 – AGM – GB annual report & PPO annual report, Elections
  • 6:30 – Meet the teachers / Classroom visits
    Hope to see you then!

Sept. 19th – MADD presentation (secondary only)

MADD (mothers against drunk drivers) is at school in the afternoon of the 19 to talk and present to students a video on this very sensitive issue. website:

Sept. 27th - School Pictures with Studio Double Clic

Mme Annie Boudreau will be at school on the 27 for the school pictures. Class pictures and individual pictures will be taken. All information to be sent home soon.

Sept. 29th – Terry Fox Run

At lunch, students and staff will run from the school to Mouska Parc to celebrate health. More information to be sent home.

October 11th – PD (journée pédagogique)

DAYCARE services will be offered if 15 students are registered. Information will be sent home soon.

IN GENERAL – news –

School Fees:

Invoices were sent home.

School permissions forms

School permissions formswere sent home. Please read and bring back to school as soon as possible.

Healthy Eating Habits

Students went home with a folder filled with suggestions for healthy food at school. Remember to pack healthy snacks for your child. (Cheese, pre-cut fruits or veggies)

Remaining Actively Dedicated In Children And Loving it is looking for new members.

  • You are interested to participate in your child’s school life?
  • You have ideas!
  • You have time!
    Contact Mrs. Lori Marion at school.

Remember that all funds collected go towards students’ activities i.e. Zoo Pageau bus rides, skating at Dave Keon’s arena, Geordie Productions plays, and many more.

The complete list of activities will be available on the school website (In the Governing Board section)

  • Was raised: $11,130.71
  • Was spent or set aside for upcoming activities: $9,408.53

Congratulations to …

I want to congratulate teachers at Noranda School for their patience and dedication to Noranda School students.
It has been a crazy summer with all the renovations and constructions at school. Things didn’t happen as planned during the first days back in August. But they made it!

My staff IS THE BEST!

You wish to congratulate someone? Send a quick email to Mme Cloutier at and we will celebrate in the next Newsletter…

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