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Inclement Weather

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Parents Section

General information

Parents who bring or pick up their children during school hours are asked to report to the office to sign the students in or out.

Parents are reminded that students do play outside during the lunch period, and therefore should dress suitably for the weather, especially during the winter season.

Change of address or telephone:

Parents are asked to advise the school of any change of address or phone number. 

School Closure:

In the event of an emergency or due to inclement weather, a phone chain will be used to notify parents.  Parents are asked to make some standing arrangements for their child in case they are sent home early due to a power outage.  All school closures due to weather will be announced on the Outaouais region radio stations.


A healthy breakfast and a nutritious lunch help a student learn.  Soft drinks, candy and gum are not permitted at school.